Reasons Why Your Previous Weight Loss Programs Didn’t Work

I am a witness to different diet fads and there’s one thing I discovered along the way: most of them carrying empty promises. Their pledge of cutting your pounds drastically is just as good as their promotional pitches. After months of not seeing any solid result, I still ask myself: why am I not losing weight? It crushed my self-esteem and I nearly gave up on seeking a healthier lifestyle.

But not with the Fat Decimator. It enlivens the hope that you can actually lose fats fast without compromising your health. FD is a highly structured program where you get to take everything step by step. It is not an extreme routine and all the tips included are easy to follow.

If you are still wondering why you didn’t lose weight on your previous fitness regimen, here are some reasons:

1. You consider food as a reward to exercise

Did you just nail a 12 km run? Maybe you want to call your friends and celebrate. This is the reason why you can easily gain the 300 calories or so that you lost. Food becomes a reward due to the restriction of consuming it. Worse, you devour high-carb meals that shoot up your blood sugar that will be stored as fats.

You tend to overestimate your fat-burning abilities so you consume excess calories with the plan of losing it through exercise. Most of the time, you fail to fulfill it.

2. You put your faith on diet drinks

The fact that your diet drinks are sweet is enough to raise a red flag on your weight loss. These beverages can easily backfire as the absence of sugar is usually compensated with an artificial sweetener. A lot worse than natural sugars.

So why am I not losing weight with these beverages? Diet drinks can stimulate the production of insulin in your body that will, in turn, trigger hunger and cravings. Diet drinks don’t have the ability to arrest hunger not boost your metabolism.

why am I not losing weight

3. It starves you

The common notion is that when you eat less, you lose weight. This is true in the first weeks of your regimen. You only need to cut 3,500 calories a week to lose a pound of fat. However, weight loss is not a black and white concept. There are other factors that may affect your ability to burn fats including physical activity and the number of meals you’re taking.

Starving yourself by skipping a meal isn’t the way to lose weight. It’s best that you eat three to four small meals a day to suppress your hunger.

4. It does not encourage you to track your progress

Mental noting your progress spells trouble for your weight loss. You will surely lose sight of your diet, exercise, and weight by doing that. Go digital or create a weight loss diary so you have a physical copy of what you have done in the past days. It will also help you assess you in case you are relapsing from your progress.

5. Why am I not losing weight? Your regimen is extreme

Extreme calorie cuts and extreme exercise aren’t a good pair. It drains your health and then forces you to exert your energy on physical activity. This is a guaranteed way to lose weight but the process will take its toll on your body. You will kill your muscles and your overall health will be jeopardized.

This is exactly what the Fat Decimator is trying to avoid. Say goodbye to extreme diets and exercise.

why am I not losing weight

6. It stresses you out

Weight loss isn’t an easy process and the fitness regimens tend to increase the stress levels of those who practiced it. The absence of food creates hunger anxiety that will be increased if the person is required to perform the exercise. After a long period, the individual may end up in a frenzy of hunger and metabolism gone haywire.

It is important that you take control of your stressors. You can take yoga sessions or switch to a healthier option like the Fat Decimator.

7. The exercise routines are too hard to follow

Not to mention the crazy calorie cut back, the exercise routines of some weight loss regimes are close to impossible to practice. It floods you with hours of gym activities that will risk your health. If you want to take it easy with exercise but still lose a great deal of weight, you can choose the Fat Decimator. It will only require you to perform 20-minute exercise drills for a few days in a week.

8. It’s not tailor-made for your body

Every weight loss program is made unique from the other. This is also the case with your body. Your neighbor’s fitness regimen would likely not work for you and vice versa. So why am I not losing weight? You tend to stick to diet plans that do not consider your health conditions or decrease fat storage.

why am I not losing weight

9. It makes your metabolism slower

What you didn’t know is that unhealthy calorie cuts and excessive exercise can give a severe blow on your metabolism. Skipping meals makes your fat-burning abilities slower and it keeps you stuck in the “weight loss labyrinth”. Poorly structured weight loss plans make you feel tired easily during the day.

10. You are sticking on a crazy fad

If you don’t know it yet, what you practiced before might be another baseless weight loss fad that does not fulfill its promises. Diet plans that restrict a whole group of nutrients and minerals are health busters masked as a healthy regimen. It will not do you any good and chances are you’re going to be sick after a few months or weeks.

So why am I not losing weight? After months of pondering, I found the reasons why. You might also be undergoing the same thing and thinking of the same reasons why you are failing in the process. Reassess your current situation. Are you sticking to a crazy fad? Maybe it’s time to give the Fat Decimator a try.  Let us know below!