9 Things You Have To Stop Doing If You’re Enrolled To The Fat Decimator

Sticking to a weight loss regimen is a hard task. It entails commitment and a pledging to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The Fat Decimator is no less the same. It will ask you to change your poor eating habits to start losing weight. What’s good about it is you’re not required to go extreme. Still, you have to keep in mind what to avoid during weight loss to make it effective.

Like any other regimen, expect that you will encounter challenges when you enroll in the Fat Decimator program. This is where you can make use of the motivational tips on Kyle’s book. What set’s Kyle’s FD different from other fitness regimens is its holistic approach. But before you give it a go, you first have to promise to stop doing the following:

1. Overdoing exercise

In the Fat Decimator program, you only have to work out for 20 minutes for several days a week. You don’t need to beat yourself up with strenuous strength training that could take hours to finish. It doesn’t just waste your time, it also kills your muscles. Kyle promises that you’ll still burn fats with this setup as long as you follow the diet with the same enthusiasm. So if you’re a total gym rat, you better slow down once you’re practicing the FD program. For lazy lifters, quite a good excuse, huh?

what to avoid during weight loss

2. Doubting yourself

With the motivational section on Kyle’s book, it’s obvious that self-doubt is the biggest enemy of weight loss. It smashes your commitment to a certain routine. The worst part is you may end up quitting. The Fat Decimator isn’t just a diet and exercise plan. It’s a healthy lifestyle that’s also filled with realities and words of wisdom to perk you up during those hard times.

The Fat Decimator will help you get through the issues of weight loss and inability to do so. Just know what to avoid during weight loss.

3. Sabotaging your muscle mass

If you hate eating meats or eggs, you are directly sabotaging your muscle mass. These foods are rich in protein that is the building block of muscles. And as you already know, muscle cells are responsible for fat burns. Fewer muscles, less fat loss.s

Even if you don’t like eating these foods, you can find an alternative to whey protein. It’s a powder supplement that you can add to your meals or smoothies. These are sweetened delights so you’ll definitely enjoy a serving.

4. Gulping soda

If you want to succeed on the Fat Decimator program, it’s time to ditch the sugary drinks. All these beverages including alcohol are packed with liquid calories that do nothing in satiating you. The bad part is that the calories stay in your gut and the excess sugar makes your belly bloat. That alone makes you look fatter than you really are. You can always gulp cold water if you’re thirsty or tea if you want something that has the taste. If you want to know what to avoid during weight loss, cut your sugar intake.

what to avoid during weight loss

5. Sitting for long periods

Many medical experts dubbed excessive sitting as the “new smoking”. If you have an office job, you might probably be guilty like me. Constant sitting means fewer physical activities, more calories unused, and more fats stored. This is an innocent sin during the Fat Decimator program. Although you won’t have to do strenuous drills, Kyle suggests that you maximize any opportunity where you get to move. Start by taking your time to pace around the office or stand while answering phone calls. All these little things make a difference when performed consistently.

6. Messing with your metabolism

Your metabolism is responsible for distributing the nutrients your organs and body parts need. If metabolism is slow, your system’s absorption of substances would be slower too. There might also be some habits that tend to mess up your supposedly fast metabolic functions.

Eating too much processed foods is one because it’s packed with artificial preservatives that stay in the gut. It then makes the absorption of succeeding meals slower. The breakdown of food particles will also be slow due to the excessive amount of synthetic substances in your body.

7. What to avoid during weight loss? Upping the stress

Stress levels don’t just freak the hell out of you. It also shoots up your insulin levels and stores your available glucose as fats. The reason is that the survival mode of the body engages that requires it to collect food in case your body is deprived of food for an extended period of time.

It’s understandable that stress is unavoidable at work or at home. Bad habits, like staying up late or worrying too much, can be prevented. These two things also cause unnecessary stress that makes you fat.

what to avoid during weight loss

8. Sneaking with carbs

Carbs are your enemy during weight loss. If you’re trying on the Fat Decimator, you have to take a drastic cut on it for three weeks. You don’t have to worry about starving as your body will use your stored fats for energy. Also, the program has a list of energy foods that you can substitute for your carb-rich diet.

Carbs turn to glucose when it reaches your bloodstream. If you have too much of it without finding ways to burn the excess, expect more fats on the shelf.

9. Skipping meals

Eating about five small meals a day is better than skipping one of your three main meals just to cut your calorie intake. Skipped meals tend to mess your metabolism and it makes you hungrier than ever. It’s either you binge-eat on succeeding meals or you starve yourself. This shouldn’t be the case with the Fat Decimator program.

So what to avoid during weight loss? These nine points are crucial to follow if you are planning to enroll in the Fat Decimator program. Take one at a time and you’ll surely lose those pounds.