What is Keto Zone? MCT Oil Powder Reviews -Ingredients, Benefits, Side Effects, & Recommendations

MCT oil in powder form?! If you’re new to weight loss supplements, this is outright confusing. I’ve seen MCT oils before and it’s not something new. But to have it in powder like the one from Keto Zone is an interesting find. The claims for this supplement are actually as interesting as its form. It promises to put you into keto zone in just an hour so your body will utilize stored energy in order to burn fats. On this MCT oil powder review, we’ll discuss this product more.

MCT Oil Powder – Keto Coffee Creamer Review

keto zone diet reviews
As you know, MCT oil or Medium Chain Triglycerides are fats extracted from coconut oil. Sometimes, it can also be sourced from palm oil. It’s usually odorless and stays liquid at room temperature. MCT oil is said to have the ability to suppress hunger and burn fats.

But how about in powder form?

What is Keto Zone & MCT Oil Powder 

The Keto Zone MCT oil powder is one of the supplements from Divine Health brand. It’s intended to aid your body toward the ketogenic zone. But instead of being in liquid form, the MCT oil underwent a process called spray drying. What happens is that the oil was sprayed to microscopic powder that will act as its carrier shell.

The powder form makes the MCT oil easier to digest and mix with baked goods. It’s also more convenient to blend with other supplements and food items.

The Keto Zone MCT oil powder may look complicated but it’s pretty straightforward with the ingredients. Here are the three main ingredients:

Keto Zone ingredients

The Keto Zone supplement has 12 grams of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) on every scoop. It’s one of the main ketone bodies that increase all over the body on the onset of ketogenesis. Divine Health, the manufacturer of the supplement, claims that it makes keto zone faster to reach. It’s one thing we’ll find out at the end of this MCT oil powder review.


Dehydration is one of the dreaded side effects of the keto diet. The depletion of electrolytes in the body due to the absence of carbs also leads to the notorious keto flu. This Keto Zone supplement has loads of calcium, sodium, and magnesium to augment the lack of supply. It fights off keto flu and the complications brought by the sudden drop of electrolytes.


MCT oil typically has a subtle coconut tinge, but it’s a different story when the oil is converted into powder. It’s not pleasant to take without flavorings. In all fairness to Keto Zone, it has stevia extracts which makes it luscious than most.

The man behind the MCT oil powder

MCT oil powder reviewThe Keto Zone supplement is developed by Dr. Don Colbert. He claims himself to be the leading ‘Doctor for Faith & Medicine’ in the U.S. He is a frequent guest on various TV shows and has written over 40 books related to health. He has been certified for Family Practice for more than two decades and is now into anti-aging and integrative medicine.

As an experienced doctor, it can be said that his Keto Zone MCT oil powder is safe and effective.

Indicated benefits

The Divine Health claims Keto Zone to have tons of benefits not just in weight loss, but also in different aspects of wellness. It’s said to be an excellent brain fuel since MCT contains lots of healthy fats that support brain activities. Aside from that, there are more of the promising benefits that we researched for this MCT oil powder review:

⏩Appetite suppressor and fat burner

Each scoop of the Keto Zone MCT oil powder has healthy fats and three grams of plant-based fiber. It will keep you full for hours which is great when you’re just starting with the keto diet. The supplement is also said to have natural C8 substances that help the body burn fats.

⏩Better energy and mood

The common complaint about the keto diet is the lethargy that most practitioners feel. The Keto Zone is said to bring you to the zone with better energy levels and a better mood (you’re not you when you’re hungry, as the candy bar says). This supplement pushes the body to produce natural ketones which also uplifts your mood.

How to use

The good thing about the Keto Zone MCT oil powder is you can add it on almost any meal you wish to. You can put it in your coffee, tea, or baked goods. Take note, though, that since this is sweetened, it won’t be great for savory meals.

Each tub of the Keto Zone powder gives a 30-day supply if used daily as a coffee creamer. It can also be used in green tea to tame the bitterness.

Is Keto Zone the real deal?

MCT oil powder reviewWell, based on my personal experience in doing this MCT oil powder review, it won’t put you in the zone for as fast as one hour. But after taking it for a few days, I can say that I felt substantial progress. I felt less hungry and I feel more invigorated. Whether it works for weight loss or not, I think it’s best to take it for at least two months together with your keto regimen to find out.

As for the keto flu – which is I’m very prone at – the symptoms are more bearable after taking this supplement for weeks. The most prominent effect that I like is the reduced brain fog and fewer displeasing trips to the bathroom.

When it comes to energy, don’t expect Keto Zone to act as an energy drink. It’s just MCT oil converted into powder. Still, you’ll feel more refreshed and physically stable but not as charged as gulping Red Bull. If you’re working out, you’ll surely want to exploit this energy kick no matter how humble that is.

Lastly, I would like to commend the Keto Zone supplement for retaining the subtle coconut flavor. It’s not one-of-a-kind but very important since most MCT powders are hard to stomach.

What do you think of this MCT oil powder review? Do you have more points to add? Let us know your thoughts and personal experiences below. I’m sure you have interesting keto stories to share.

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