Enjoy Oreo Cookies: Guilty Snack Pairs That Won’t Sabotage Your Weight Loss

A Hershey bar? Oreo cookies? A bag of Lay’s chips? It sounds like a massive combination of trouble, right? But these guilty pleasures can actually become snacks to lose weight if you pair it with the right food. The Fat Decimator may agree because it aims to control sugar and not totally eradicate it. Sugar, as a simple carb and a form of energy, is still necessary for bodily functions. So is salt. Sodium helps cleanse the gut of unhealthy bacteria to promote better digestion and nutrient absorption.

So how come that you can eat chocolates and processed chips? Simple: Keeping it in moderation. Although it’s a challenge not to binge eat all of these, the freedom you enjoy is one that you shouldn’t abuse. This will keep you enjoying small servings of the delights that are stereotyped as weight loss banes.

Most diets will recommend a 200-calorie snack as it won’t hurt the weight loss but still boost the metabolism. But before you devour any of my mentioned snacks, remember that you will need to ditch some of it as you progress in the Fat Decimator program. Carb-rich options would have to go out the window. But for now, enjoy the gradual switch and explore any of these pairs:

Oreo cookies + Cantaloupe

Three Oreo cookies have about 160 calories while a slice of cantaloupe has 25 calories. Overall, you get to snack on 185 calories. This is just the right amount to keep you satiated until the next meal. The sugar in the cookies will give you a kick of energy that you can use for your activities.

Meanwhile, cantaloupe is low in carbs but a cup or slice can already give your day’s dose of Vitamin A. This vitamin helps boost the immune system and eyesight. Cantaloupe also has small doses of Vitamin C, B-Complex, Potassium, and Beta-Carotene that makes it one of the good snacks to lose weight.

½ Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar + Banana

A half bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate has about 105 calories. The choco bar should be paired with a ripe banana that has 65 calories. Eating chocolate is said to suppress appetite if done between meals or 20 minutes before eating. However, maintain it to a small serving to avoid defeating the purpose.

snacks to lose weight

Eat a banana with the chocolate to increase satiation. Bananas have a low glycemic index that will be a good pair for the already-sweet Hershey’s bar. It’s also rich in fiber that will help flush out solid wastes from the gut. A piece of banana also contains nutrients that promote belly fat reduction.

Tostitos Chips + Green Pepper with Sabra Hummus

Now, if you prefer munching some crunchy chips, you can serve yourself up to four Tostito’s chip with the Heluva Good Dip. Pair this with ½ cup of Green Pepper and two tablespoons of Sabra Hummus. These constitute about 200 calories as one of the snacks to lose weight. You also get a load of antioxidants from the green pepper.

Green and red bell peppers are rich in a compound called dihydrocapsiate that speeds up the metabolism. This will result in more weight loss even if you push the pepper with a little guilty pleasure from the chips. Make sure to not sneak another piece or two as it will gain you more calories.

Stovetop Stuffing + Potato

If you’re a solid carb addict, you can try the ½ cup of the Chicken Stovetop Stuffing and ½ cup of sweet potato. Just remember that this will only work if you’re yet to transition to the Fat Decimator. This will have about 260 calories which are a little way beyond the recommended snack calorie value.

Sweet potato is way better than the usual potato. It has higher fiber content and low calories that will satiate you without feeling guilty. As you know, fiber helps digestion and in detoxifying the body. It’s also a trick to suppress hunger without actually eating a lot of calories.

Power Bar Chocolate + Pineapple

Like how you do it with the Hershey’s Bar, have half of a Power Bar that’s equal to 150 calories. Pair it with half a cup of pineapple for a total of 190 calories to make one of the snacks to lose weight. The sugar in the Power Bar will give you more energy to perform daily activities while the pineapple gives you a dose of fiber.

snacks to lose weight

Pineapple is dubbed as a “natural weight loss food” because of its low caloric content and almost zero fats. It also bears enzymes that help in the synthesis of protein. Pineapple also gives you Vitamin C to help boost your immune system.

Lay’s Potato Chips + Cucumber

In case you’re thinking of a snack with low calories, you can have five ounces of Lay’s Potato Chips and ½ cup of cucumber. The potato chips have salt content that will cleanse your gut (just keep it in the right amount!) while cucumber has very low calories. Even a hefty serving of cucumber would not exceed 100 calories.

Cucumber also has fiber content that makes you feel satiated for a long period. But to give a little taste to it, you can munch on the small serving of the Lay’s Chips. Good stuff but not at all guilty to eat!

Ore-Ida French Fries + Broccoli

Want a taste of French fries without hurting your weight loss? Get yourself 14 pieces of the Ore-Ida French Fries and ½ cup of steamed broccoli. That combination is equal to almost 160 calories. Broccoli is packed with nutrients and minerals as well as dietary fiber. It will help you feel full even if you don’t consume a lot of calories. It’s also low in fat.

These snacks to lose weight should be eaten with moderation. If you’re planning to hop into the Fat Decimator program, it would be necessary to ditch those with high carb content. You can still eat some of it but make sure that it won’t be defeating the process of weight loss Kyle Cooper suggests in his book.