Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight (Even If You Try Hard)

It’s easy to imagine weight loss: exercise, diet, and poof, you’re fit. But it’s not how it works in real life. Getting those excess pounds off your body is a challenge. It’s frustrating especially for those who keep trying routines just to burn fats. But for some people, they simply find it hard to be fit even if they exert effort on cutting back in calories of squeezing exercise on their busy schedules. If you experience the same thing, it’s crucial that you know the reasons why you can’t lose weight.

You keep skipping breakfast

The seemingly innocent habit of skipping breakfast can wreak havoc on your system. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it jumpstarts your metabolism. If you fail to consume it, you’re bound to feel lethargic and you have the tendency to overeat on the succeeding meals of the day. It’s best that you eat your breakfast within the first hour upon waking up. With a high-protein meal, you’ll feel satiated for a longer period. You can indulge in eggs, Greek yogurt, wheat toast, and a ripe banana.

reasons why you can’t lose weight

You experience too much stress

When your body is under high levels of stress, it tends to find ways to pacify the shooting nerves. The worst part is it can be binge eating. It becomes a bigger dilemma as you tend to reach out to high-carb and high-calorie snacks like ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and other guilty pleasures.

Your body also hastens the fat storage when you’re under constant stress. It’s the system’s survival mechanism since stress signals cause the brain to store more energy for future use.

Reasons why you can’t lose weight: You have metabolic acidosis

As one of the focuses of the Fat Decimator program, metabolic acidosis is a serious condition when the body, specifically the kidney, fails to remove excess acid from the system. It results in faster fat storage and a stalemate in weight loss. If you have metabolic acidosis, you might find it hard to burn fats quickly even if you’re exercising or dieting. These are the same thing that Kyle, creator of the program, noticed when he’s training his comrades in the military.

You always eat close to bedtime

Eating your dinner a few minutes before bedtime is a big trouble with your weight loss regimen. The food components of your meal can shoot up your insulin, blood sugar, and temperature all at once. This means faster fat storage and if you’re tuck in bed; your body has fewer physical activities to spend the energy. You should also watch out about after-supper snacks as these small meals can sometimes be the culprit to excess calories intake. It’s advisable that you eat your dinner three hours before going to bed.

You don’t get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation increases your stress levels drastically. It makes your fat cells more active for fat storage and the worst scenario is you’ll look for snacks that can appease your irritation. This is the double-whammy reasons why you can’t lose weight. A sleepless night can, in fact, shoot up your insulin levels and store calories that you’ll have to burn for more than two hours in the treadmill.

Getting at least seven hours of sleep will help your body recover from the day’s activities. Another thing is you’ll have better control eating your breakfast when you have enough slumber.

You’re not getting younger

Here’s a not-so-fun fact. Your metabolism slows down in about 2% to 8% every decade. You also decrease muscle mass every year especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re on your 30 or 40s, this the problem the Fat Decimator solves. It’s a program that caters middle-aged individuals that find it hard to lose weight. He even tested its efficireasons why you can’t lose weightency to family men who have bulging bellies. Let’s just say that those guys are now doing their drills in the military without the excess weight.

You have the “fat genes”

Yes, scientists found out that a faulty version of the FTO gene causes obesity. It stores the food energy to the fat cells instead of having it utilized for burning. This debunks the stereotype that people get obese because of their unhealthy lifestyle alone. Others are having tough times due to the genes passed to them. It’s something they can’t control or fix. It might need a little more work and the Fat Decimator program could probably help. Resorting to anti-obesity drugs alone isn’t the answer.

Your thyroid has issues

Hypothyroidism is one of the common reasons why you can’t lose weight. It’s because of the excessive build-up of salt in the body that retains water weight. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism can also be the culprit. Usually, people with this condition lose weight but others gain some pounds.

Hyperthyroidism makes a person hungrier than usual, thus more possible calorie intake. The activities of your thyroid can largely affect your fat storage and breakdown. But before you rule that it’s a problematic thyroid, it’s best to consult a doctor as your hormones might be reacting badly.

You have underlying health conditions

Health conditions like diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, allergies, and high blood pressure can cause your fat burns to go slow. It can also trigger poor eating habits to satisfy the negative feeling.

It’s always advisable that you seek your doctor’s opinion before trying any weight loss program, including the Fat Decimator. The lifestyle change can drastically affect your body systems if you have any of these health issues.

If you’re wondering why you’re not losing those pounds, these might be the reasons why you can’t lose weight. Some can be avoided by quitting poor eating and sleeping habits. Meanwhile, some causes need medical attention in order to be addressed. The Fat Decimator can also help those struggling to finally say goodbye to their excess fats. Are you experiencing any of these factors? Let us know below. We’ll appreciate your insights!