Nutrients and Minerals That Do Wonders On Your Body

If you have a copy of the Fat Decimator book, you’re probably feasting your eyes on loads of information about getting slim. This includes a comprehensive discussion of the nutrients that help weight loss. Kyle Cooper saw to it that every reader would understand how the chemistry of weight loss works and how they can use it to their advantage.

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Weight loss isn’t just about exercising and dieting. It’s a crucial point to understand how the foods you eat and its components react inside your body. This part could be a technical soup of medical jargons but it pays to be informed.

This post will reveal a lot about the food you eat. You might even be surprised that the simple meals make the most impact on your body. So hang on and take time to read some tips about the vitamins and minerals that you should be utilizing now.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

This acid has been known to work its wonders to prevent diabetes, cancer, and preventing the fat cells from storing more fats. CLA actually helps in moving your fats into muscle cells for burning. When that happens, the enzymes in your body are activated, forcing the muscles to burn the transferred fats. Kyle recommends that you take foods rich in CLA if you want to double your fat losses when following the Fat Decimator program. Taking up to 8 grams a day is the advisable amount.


Leucine is a BCAA or branched chain amino acids. It helps in triggering muscle building as well as maintaining muscle mass during your diet. Leucine is actually considered as one of the most important amino acids in muscle building. And as you know, muscles are fat incinerators of the body. A study at the University of Illinois found out that those who take Leucine supplements have more weight loss than those who did not. And what’s the best source of such nutrients that help weight loss? Whey protein!

nutrients that help weight loss


There are about 22 amino acids that our body needs. However, eight of those can’t be self-produced by our system. One of them is Tryptophan. It’s known to boost the mood and cognition of a person taking such supplements. On the other hand, it’s also proven that this amino acid can suppress carbohydrate cravings and appetite. You can get this by taking supplements like spirulina or eating foods like Halibut fish with skin, low-fat sesame seed flour, raw crab meat, and chopped spinach.


As one of the significant amino acids our bodies can’t produce, Methionine plays a role in the weight loss department. It has the sulfur content that helps boost the metabolism. Although it doesn’t single-handedly cause weight loss, it gives the body a healthy kick when combined with other nutrients that help weight loss. It’s part of the complete protein puzzle that when achieved benefits the body a lot.

nutrients that help weight loss


Lysine is another amino acid that our bodies need but cannot self-produce. One importance of taking Lysine is it’s one of the building blocks of protein. Protein, on a further note, helps build your muscles for faster weight loss. Lysine doesn’t affect weight loss directly but it helps a lot in completing the amino acids for our bodies to have a steady supply of complete protein.

Lysine also helps ease cold sore that can cause extreme irritation if not cured.

Essential fatty acids

One of the causes why you find it hard to lose weight is you experience different irritations and inflammations. Preventing any abnormal swelling in your body is necessary to arrest any further diseases that may take place. It also suppresses the onset of heart attack, depression, diabetes, and even obesity. And how can you stop inflammations? You consume a dose of essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. You can find these on fish oils and fish meat. About 5 teaspoons of fish oil are advisable according to the Fat Decimator.


Caffeine is a psychoactive substance that helps stimulate fat mobilization. And as you know, it’s one of the goals of the Fat Decimator. The more fats mobilized the more weight loss you’re going to experience if you have a healthy routine to follow. Caffeine also stimulates the nervous system to signal the fat cells to break down the stored fat. Another thing is that caffeine, as one of the nutrients that help weight loss, keeps you awake and energized; much needed if you have to exercise early in the morning. So next time, sip that cup of joe (but be careful with the sugar).


Protein is the quintessential component of muscle building. It’s the building block of tissues and organs as well as the hair, skin, and hormones. Make sure that you consume complete proteins that contain the eight amino acids that the body can’t produce. You can find it on eggs, meat, cheese, and poultry. Another thing you should know is that your body will start to degenerate in the absence of enough protein supply. And if you exercise a lot, it’s pressing that take more protein.

nutrients that help weight loss


Fiber is a carb but it’s one that you won’t feel guilty consuming. The body doesn’t store fiber and instead uses it as a vehicle to flush out solid waste in the digestive system. The best answer to the bloating happening to your tummy is to consume more fiber-rich vegetables. Insoluble fiber help remove the wastes in your gut.

The only concern about too much fiber is it can cause constipation and other digestive problems. You don’t have to worry about taking more than 30 grams of fiber if you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

These nutrients that help weight loss are important to keep your body healthy while burning extra pounds.  Just keep in mind that although this post is a good reference for your diet, it’s best that you get the book for complete guidance for the diet change. Do you have something to add to this list? Let us know below in the comment section!