Top 2 Best Keto Coffee Creamers – Certified Low-Carb & Healthy!

The biggest challenge when it comes to the keto diet is finding food products that won’t hurt my regimen. As a coffee lover, I just can’t resist a nice cuppa every morning. And since I’m an eager coffee warrior, I scoured online stores to find a keto coffee creamer that tastes good and feel good. Even coffee junkies will agree with me that creamers are the cherry on top when it comes to coffee.

Best Keto Coffee Creamers

Keto coffee is also called bulletproof coffee. It has specially added fats and if done well, it will taste awesome. And one staple ingredient here is a tasty creamer.

With its proven health benefits, you now have a good reason to add coffee to your keto diet. Here are some of the guaranteed advantages of keto coffee:

⏩Better fat loss since the body will lose more adipose cells.

⏩Evading hunger. A cup of keto joe will give you added energy without hurting your carb limits.

⏩More energy. Using the healthy fats infused in keto coffee, your body will have another kick of energy.

And you know what? There’s no better way to enjoy all these benefits than blending your keto coffee with these creamers:

Laird Superfood Original Coffee Creamer

keto coffee creamerAs a non-dairy, non-gluten, non-GMO and keto-certified creamer, the Laird Superfood will make your cup of coffee more enjoyable. This product is actually named after Laird Hamilton who is a self-proclaimed big-wave surfer and coffee enthusiast. And true enough, your taste buds will surf on the goodness of organic virgin coconut oil, aquamin, and rich coconut milk powder.

Aquamin is sea algae that are packed with various minerals that are beneficial for the keto diet. The algae are calcified to blend it with the coconut powder and other ingredients on this creamer. Aside from supporting your keto diet, it will also be friendly to low-sugar regimens.

There’s very little flavor to this creamer which is good if you want to enjoy the richness of your keto coffee. This is an all-natural creamer with no synthetic chemicals added.

Key Features

It comes in two flavors: Original and unsweetened

Free of dairy, gluten, GMOs, soy, and meat ingredients

All natural ingredients: Aquamin, coconut powder, coconut oil

Fit for Keto and Whole30 diets

2 spoonfuls per serving

Coconut milk-based creamer

Thumbs up 👍

-No additives so you get the best nutrition minus the typical chemicals that sabotage weight loss

-Nutrient-packed algae that give added health benefits

-It can be used for tea and smoothies aside from coffee.

-Delicious taste

-Plenty of servings in one bag

Thumbs down 👎

-It clumps. This is normal, so to speak, since there are no extenders or additives present in the creamer. Simply massage the bag to break the powder clumps.

-Laird is currently on the process of removing red palm oil on its ingredients. There’s a chance that you’ll receive one with palm oil. Still, it’s just 1% of the creamer.

Left Coast Performance Keto Coffee Creamer

Best Keto Coffee CreamersThis creamer from Left Coast Performance isn’t just a plain coconut milk-based creamer. It’s a butter coffee creamer that’s loaded with healthy fats – yes, more than what the Laird has to offer. As Left Coast started as producers of affordable yet high-quality MCT oil products, expect that this will also have such ingredient. That leads us to one important note about this creamer:

For you to enjoy this creamer, you have to blend it using a countertop blender or an immersion blender. If not, the oil will separate from your coffee which isn’t pleasant to drink. First, shake the creamer bottle and brew your coffee. After that, mix the coffee with one tablespoon of this creamer then blend. You can add more creamer as you wish.

Like the Laird coffee creamer, this one has an unsweetened version with zero carbs.

Key Features

Ingredients: MCT and coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, grass-fed ghee butter, cacao butter

Oil-based creamer that needs to be blended

One tablespoon starting serving

Zero sugar, zero carbs

Two flavors: Cacao, unflavored/unsweetened

32 servings per bottle

Thumbs up👍

-More healthy fats to support your keto diet

-No off coconut taste which will allow you to enjoy the real taste of your coffee

-Big taste for small servings

-Combination of coconut oil and MCT oil potency

-The cocoa flavor is delicious

-It comes in liquid form which is easier to blend

Thumbs down 👎

-Oil-based creamer that needs to be blended before you can enjoy it. If you don’t like this type, the seller offers a full refund.

-Less creamy than the Laird coffee creamer

What to avoid when getting keto coffee creamers:

Artificial flavors

When you’re on keto or any weight loss diet, anything that’s artificial is a no-no. Stick to all natural options like the Laird and Left Coast Performance. These two have great flavors without resorting to unnatural flavorings.

Thickening additives

Again, synthetic additions are no-gos. This is the reason why Laird is still the best for me despite the fact that it clumps. Take note that most keto coffee creamers won’t really be as creamy as Coffee Mate. A keto coffee creamer is just an addition for more flavor and richness on your hot drink.


Artificial preservatives are associated with heart palpitation, allergies, headaches, and more discomfort. Even if it lengthens the shelf-life of your creamer, it’s not worth the gamble.

Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are chemically-altered substances. This means that such oil is stripped of nutritional value and worse, packed with toxins. It’s also a culprit to transfat which is something you’d want to avoid while on keto.

Artificial sweeteners

Be on the lookout for hidden ingredients that some shady creamer makers use to mask the awful taste of their products. It’s best to opt for all-natural options even if it’s a little less sugary.

Which of these two products is your choice for a keto coffee creamer? Both are delicious but each one varies in consistency and form. Whatever you pick, make sure that it’s something you’ll love on your hot drink every morning.

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