13 Ways To Speed Up Your Fat Loss Aside From Diet and Exercise

Saying that the key to weight loss is diet and exercise is a trite fact. Those are basic yet fundamental requirements if you want to get rid of the excess weight. But if you’re thinking about how to speed up fat loss, there are more things that you can do. These are unique hacks aside from the usual attention to caloric and nutrient value of your meals.

What I gave here are just some of my trusted tips. You have nothing to lose if you try some of these. All these are safe and effortless that you don’t even have to mind doing it.

1. Take yoga sessions

Yoga is excellent in relaxing the mind and reducing the stress levels. Even if you can’t believe it, yoga can be an effective weight loss exercise. It stretches almost every muscle group when you perform an asana. This is a good option if you want to opt out of the gym. You break a sweat while you prevent your insulin levels from shooting up due to a stressing condition.

2. Eat on small plates

This one goes to the psychology of weight loss. When foods are served in small plates, it appears to be a hefty serving as it occupies the entirety of the small tableware. Whereas in big plates, you see a space that needs to be filled. You tend to crave for more even if your stomach is already satiated.

how to speed up fat loss

3. Place healthy foods on your line of sight

Studies have found that what you see on your countertop is most likely what you would crave to eat. Purge your kitchen with a stock of unhealthy food and replace it with ones that can help your metabolism. The Fat Decimator actually has a list of energy foods that you can shop for yourself as alternatives to high-carb ones.

4. How to speed up fat loss: Create a grocery list

Having a grocery list when getting your supplies will prevent you from buying unnecessary stuff. It will save you a great deal of money and it will also help you stay away from the “guilty” items. Stick to your list no matter what and make sure that you pack it with your weight loss essentials.

5. Skip movie marathons

Are you planning to spend the night binge watching movies? You can choose to skip this and have enough sleep instead. Such move will boost your metabolism and keep your stress levels at a minimum since your body gets enough sleep. You also save yourself from the eye bags! A win-win situation, right?

6. Put unhealthy foods on red plates

According to psychological studies, putting less healthy food items on red plates will make you eat less. This was proven with unhealthy snacks where the participants ate less pretzels and carb-rich items. The outrageous result roots from the color red being associated with stop signals. Think about it, man-made warnings are always in color red, right? So how to speed up fat loss? It’s just a matter of tricking your brain.

how to speed up fat loss

7. Practice portioning

Serving you meals in small portions is said to cut calorie intake and induce satiation. The sight of large servings makes you want to eat more and increase fat storage. Portioning your actual serving into tiny ones can help you prevent the risk of eating more than what you planned for. This is part of smart eating.

8. Chew it well

Slowing down and taking time to chew your food will make you feel full easily. The brain sends satiation signals 20 minutes after you take your first bite. So when you chew well, you ingest less calories but you feel full just the same. The only problem here is you might also get hungry easily. The easy fix is eating numerous small meals throughout the day.

9. Choose a realistic weight loss program

Regardless of how you try, you might still fail to lose weight if you have the wrong weight loss plan. You can check out the Fat Decimator program if you want one that will deliver results. It’s not a demanding regimen and it will certainly not starve you to make you skinny. FD is realistic, pragmatic, and practical.

10. How to speed up fat loss: Make water drinking a habit

Water is undeniably the quintessential drink. It refreshes with no calories and it also increases your resting fat burns. Gulping at least two liters all throughout the day will do your kidney a big favor. It will also boost your metabolism against dehydration. Drinking cold water is a good choice too as the body burns more calories to maintain the internal heat of your system.

how to speed up fat loss

11. Prepping your meals ahead

If you don’t have time to cook breakfast in the morning, you can do it in the evening. Prepare easy to heat meals on canisters and grab it by morning. You no longer have to go through the hassle of waking up very early just to have a decent breakfast. By planning your meals, you get to consume healthy foods that contain the nutrients your body needs for weight loss.

12. Dance, dance, dance

Not a fan of gym exercise? Maybe dancing is for you. An hour of Zumba dancing can burn you as much as 400 calories. Not just that, you also get to enjoy the exercise part of your routine. You can also explore other dances like hip hop, ballroom, and more.

13. Having a support group

Motivation is one key to succeeding on a weight loss program. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a good source of encouragement. This is the same thing that Fat Decimator can give you. Once you’re in the VIP account, you can have access to forums where the other enthusiasts are interacting.

These tips here are guaranteed to answer your queries on how to speed up fat loss. It’s up to you what you want to practice and which works for you best. Share your thoughts with us by commenting!