9 Efficient Ways To Motivate Yourself During Weight Loss

One of the pillars of the Fat Decimator program is ensuring that you are motivated during the process. Kyle Cooper, the creator of the program, recognizes that losing weight isn’t an easy task. It’s mired with self-doubt and small failures that can make-or-break the progress that’s currently taking place. Kyle made sure that his book would include tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Motivation is a crucial part of the weight loss process. It will dictate the willingness of the person to continue with the program and follow the indicated steps. Of all the aspects of losing weight, motivational tips are quite difficult to contain and yield results from. It is a subjective thing and the results will depend on the person undergoing weight loss.

1. Write down your goals

It’s proven in all areas of productivity that having a checklist can actually make the execution efficient. Writing down your goals will allow you to paint a bigger picture of your target but with small steps. Make sure that what you’ll list are realistic goals based on your progress and weight loss program. Seeing your goals put into words creates a written pact between you and weight loss. Crossing out each goal upon accomplishment is sure to boost one’s motivation one big notch.

2. Know the reason why

Are you trying to lose weight for your kids? For you to feel better? Whatever your “why” in the process, make sure that you establish it and cling to it. The reason behind your eagerness to weight loss will be your driving force to achieving a slimmer body. When the going gets tough, you have something to hold on to continue. It’s important that whatever your reason is, it’s solid enough for you to endure any self-doubt. You can also write it down and if you feel like giving up, you just have to read it to realize why you started in the first place.

how to motivate yourself to lose weight

3. How to motivate yourself to lose weight: Embrace the real you

You don’t need the approval of everyone around you just to know that you can lose weight. You always can, no matter what. Nothing beats self-love and embracing the real you when you are in the process of losing your excess pounds. Always remember that each body is made unique. If you can’t lose weight like others do, maybe you just need a different program to follow. Who knows, it might be the Fat Decimator that you’re looking for.

4. Make visual affirmations

Writing down simple motivational words like “I’m going to be fit!” or “I will do this for my…” is a good thing too. Like creating a bucket list, visual affirmations are proven to increase the eagerness of a person to accomplish things. It’s a constant reminder when your self-esteem is failing you. We, humans, are visual beings and we do well when see visual cues. Exploit this fact to motivate yourself. Go paste that small banner on your wall or fridge door. It will make a big difference.

5. How to motivate yourself to lose weight: Reward yourself

You do not have to arrive on the finish line before rewarding yourself. Like what some say, you can always “plant a carrot in the middle”. Have you lost five pounds? Go buy yourself that new blouse. Just avoid considering food or relaxing your regimen as a reward. You can always indulge yourself on relaxation treats like a pedicure, spa session, or a visit to a place you love. Giving yourself those luxuries can boost your will to accomplish your weight loss program.

how to motivate yourself to lose weight

6. Accept that there is no perfection

When you target to achieve perfection, you tend to overexert yourself. That would lead to burn out, and worse, mental exhaustion. Always seek progress one day after the other and stop having an all-or-nothing mindset. Remember that it’s normal to have a tiny slip during the weight loss process. You can always fix it if you’re loyal to your fitness plan. If you follow the Fat Decimator, you will surely have an easier time with its 80-20 diet-to-exercise proportion. In short, don’t beat yourself up!

7. No one’s going to do it for you

If there’s one advice that we can get from the Fat Decimator, it would be the fact that no one else can make you lose weight aside from yourself. Don’t loathe about how fat you are or how hard you’re trying. How to motivate yourself to lose weight? As long as you want it, work for it. It’s like your passion to your career; you don’t stop until you fulfill your goals. You just have to keep moving forward and avoid sulking in the corner over failed attempts. Diamonds are polished in the rough, right?

8. Avoid browsing women’s magazines

One thing about women’s magazines is it has a full display of slim bodies and too-good-to-be-true hourglass figures. This will make you frustrated. Avoid laying your eyes on it especially if it will not inspire you or motivate you to lose weight. You have to remember that you may not achieve the same fitness as others. And that’s completely normal. So purge your shelves and hide those sexy magazines in the depths of your basement.

how to motivate yourself to lose weight

9. Think of the future circumstances

What would happen if you’re still fat in the future? Would it be worth quitting? If you feel like stopping, ask yourself about the possible scenarios in the future. Imagine what would it be like when you still carry the excess pounds in the future. Would you be able to run with your kids? Can you still slide through your favorite dress? Thinking of the future outcomes of your decision will help you assess your choices.

Knowing how to motivate yourself to lose weight is a good way to keep up with the demands of revamping your lifestyle. It’s also an important factor to successfully achieve a slimmer body. Do you have something to share? Let us know below!