10 Hacks To Maintain Your Weight Loss After Fat Decimator

Maintaining your ideal weight is as hard as losing excess fats. The temptation that surrounds you can make or break the progress you gained from strictly following the Fat Decimator. All it takes is 21 days to lose 21 pounds in this program but it’s faster to gain fats. Once slice of chocolate cake has over 370 calories. If you fail to fight off your cravings, you’ll fail to know how to maintain weight loss.

To help keep the fats from coming back, here are ten of the guaranteed and simple techniques that you can do:

1. Eat filling foods

Filling doesn’t mean high in calories. Satiating food items are those that have high fiber content. Fiber swells inside the stomach which gives you a feeling of fullness for a long period. Green vegetables, fruits, and whole grain are just some of the good examples of foods that will keep you full without extra calories. You can snack over these food items to keep your hunger at bay in between meals. Celeries are also good examples of a low-calorie food.

2. Keep doing short exercises

The Fat Decimator has agreed that you don’t need hours of exercise just to lose weight. You only have to spend 20 minutes for several times a week to maintain your weight loss streak. Doing cardio circuits would be a good move since you can perform it in the comfort of your home. In case you really don’t have the time to squeeze in exercise, try walking your way to work or stand up when you’re not doing anything.

how to maintain weight loss

3. How to maintain weight loss: Have your breakfast

I have stressed the value of breakfast time and again. It’s the first meal of the day necessary for jumpstarting your metabolism and preventing binge-eating. Be sure that you make it a habit that you eat a healthy breakfast if you’re intending to maintain your ideal weight. Add a protein source as well as dietary fiber so you will fill satiated until lunchtime or snacks if you plan to have. If you can’t fix your breakfast in the morning, prepare it at night.

4. Don’t forget the protein

Protein has compounds that induce the satiety signals. It also makes you feel full while suppressing your cravings. Protein has the ability to cut stress levels that may result in hunger episodes or cravings for high-carb meals.

Another important purpose of protein is it helps maintain your muscle mass. Muscles are fat burners, and if you have a consistent mass of it, you’re sure to keep excess weight off your body. How to maintain weight loss? Eating protein alone can already increase fat burns even if you don’t exercise.

5. NO to carb indulgence

One of the Fat Decimator’s targets is to drastically cut your carb intake to make you lose weight fast. This is also the same thing when you are keeping your ideal weight. Never indulge in carbs as this will be stored as fats in just a few days. This spells trouble for you and your weight loss plan. You might need to undergo the 21-day diet again if you start going back to your bad habit of binge-eating carb-rich foods.

how to maintain weight loss

6. Watch your weight

You don’t necessarily have to weigh yourself every day just to keep up with your weight. Sometimes, it’s normal that you’ll gain a pound after eating but this will soon be burned down. Every other day would be good instead of stressing yourself of stepping into the weighing scale each day. If you gained a significant of weight over the past days, you might need to reassess your diet. You might be missing out on exercise or you’re cheating on your healthy eating.

7. Lift weights

Even if you don’t have to lose a large amount of weight, you have to keep an eye on your muscle mass. The process of weight loss can also take its toll on your muscles. If you fail to perform routines that will maintain it, more fats will be stored as the fat cells exceed the number of muscle cells. This can easily be fixed by lifting weights.

How to maintain weight loss? Stretching using a five or ten-pound dumbbell is a good resistance training to keep your muscles warm. Aside from keeping your muscles from dwindling, lifting weights can also boost your metabolism.

8. Plan your week

Planning your week includes the schedule of exercise and the meals you’re going to eat. This will give you a clear picture of how your diet will go. You also get to avoid temptations if you have a solid list of meals to follow.

It’s not just about planning; you should also learn to stick to it even during weekends. Saturdays and Sundays aren’t days off from your healthy lifestyle. It may sound funny but there’s one line that can explain this: “minutes on the lips, lifetime on the hips”.

how to maintain weight loss

9. Gulp water

Water is a miracle fluid. It refreshes you with no calories in exchange. It also boosts your metabolism and fat-burning system. The importance of drinking up to 10 glasses of water lies in determining thirst from hunger. Many people mistake their thirst for hunger that leads them to consume unnecessary calories.

Drinking a glass of water before meals are also proven to result in a big cut of calorie intake.

10. Sleep tight

Getting enough sleep means that your stress levels are at a minimum. It also prevents you from craving for a midnight snack that could be out of your diet plan. Sleep also gives you the energy to prepare and eat breakfast in the morning as well as perform short exercise routines.

Wondering how to maintain weight loss after the Fat Decimator program? These ten tips will surely make a difference. As long as you don’t stop eating healthy and exercising, your fats are far from creeping back on your belly. Do you have something to share? Let us know below!