10 Easy Secrets To Boosting Your Metabolism And Losing More Pounds

A slow-mo metabolism is plainly frustrating. It keeps you from realizing your full fat-burning potential. It slows down your catabolism that will lead to more fats stored. So you ask, how to boost your metabolism quickly? There are some easy ways to knock the slow enemy down. You just have to switch to some healthier options. There are also some simple activities that you can utilize to keep the fat incinerator in flames inside your body.

Here, I listed some of the options you to pump up your metabolism with little effort possible.

1. Pack up with protein

Protein is known for its high thermic effect in the body. It means that the fat-burning ability of your body is put at an optimal level by 15-30%. This is good news since the calorie losses happen even if you’re at rest. Aside from this scientific wonder, protein also keeps you full for the whole day. Your body won’t be cranked up with too much energy and your metabolism is kept at the healthy level. Next time, add more eggs, poultry, meat, and cheese to your meals!

2. Switch to coconut oil

One of the evilest metabolism enemies is saturated fats a.k.a. vegetable oil. And since you might be fond of the fried goodness, your body keeps on receiving these unhealthy substances. The quick fix, though, is to switch to coconut oil. This oil is a medium-chain fat that can boost your metabolism compared to using long-chain fats present in butter. The fatty acid content of coconut oil is a highly beneficial compound for your weight loss too!

how to boost your metabolism

3. How to boost your metabolism: Lift things

If you don’t have time to hit the gym, maximize your free time by lifting heavy things. You can stretch for a few minutes using five-pound dumbbells or break a sweat by lifting your pile of books. These simple routines help maintain your muscle mass and it perks up your metabolism. It’s also a good way to maintain your healthy regimen when you’re enrolled in a weight loss program like the Fat Decimator. Short resistance training sessions would also be great to strengthen your core.

4. Sip cold water

Ditching your sugary beverages and indulging in water might be the best move you can ever do for your body. Water is a natural refresher. It doesn’t have calories but it helps boost your metabolism for a short period of time. Drinking cold water is also proven to increase your calorie burns even in small amounts. This also helps kick start your body since it will need more energy to bring back the internal temperature of your system.

5. Spice up your meals

The likes of cayenne pepper have capsaicin. It’s a compound is said to have the ability to boost the metabolism and arrest appetite. The spiciness of chili can burn 10 calories per meal which is a reasonable dent to your flab. This is even if you’re not doing any exercise when eating. It’s just a small effect but it can help if you pair it with other methods on how to boost your metabolism. The only problem is that some people have a low tolerance to spiciness so this might not work for all.

how to boost your metabolism

6. Keep standing

If you have an office job that keeps you stuck on your desk, your metabolism will be at an all-time low. The inactivity also decreases your muscle mass and your metabolic activities are at a slow pace. From now on, you can utilize the benefit of standing when answering calls or checking your phone.  Walking along your workplace would also do you a big favor during lunch breaks. Keep in mind that medical experts dubbed too much sitting as “the new smoking”.

7. Catch those Zzz

As discussed in previous posts, sleeping affects your metabolism a lot. If you keep staying up late, your stress levels soar high and you’ll end up eating some unhealthy snacks in the middle of the night. In case you’re not into eating, lack of sleep will make you lethargic the other day. This will result in your failure to eat breakfast or perform your exercise routines. From there, it becomes a domino effect of sabotaging your weight loss plan.

8. Have a cup of joe

If you’re looking for an instant metabolism hotwire, get yourself a cup of strong coffee. The caffeine content of this beverage makes you awake and it gives your metabolism a kick. Just keep in mind that these results are temporary as the effects of coffee are only as good as caffeine’s presence in the body. You can also alternate with green tea as a way on how to boost your metabolism. This low-calorie drink is seen to have a metabolism kick of about 5%. It also gives you more health benefits beyond weight loss.

how to boost your metabolism

9. Have an early start

Start your day early. This includes eating a healthy breakfast, exercising, and prepping for work. Eating your first meal a short while after you get out of bed is good for your metabolism. It keeps your bodily engine going while keeping your weight loss at a close range. Even if you don’t have work for the day, it pays to do the same drill.

10. Chew organic

No one can contest how organic foods can permanently boost your metabolism. Processed food items that you get from the grocery are stripped of nutrients and packed with preservatives. These artificial substances take its toll on your catabolism or the breaking down of the stored fats. Most processed food items are also high in salt content that not only increases your risk of hypertension but also promotes water weight retention. Organic food choices might be a little expensive than its commercial versions but spending more will keep you healthy.

If you’re wondering how to boost your metabolism, these ten tips would surely help you out. These are little changes from your usual routines and totally effortless to perform. Do you have suggestions? Feel free to ping us below!