7 Fat Decimator-Suggested Supplements To Help You Lose Weight

Although the Fat Decimator program aims to make you lose weight naturally, it still utilizes some supplements. Taking a food supplement that helps you lose weight is a widespread practice even on the most popular fitness regiments. The capsules and powders augment some nutrients and vitamins that the body is lacking. Most of the time, these are targeted to speed up the metabolism and boost the fat-burning potential of the system.

The good thing about these choices from the FD book is that it’s all-natural. It contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that need a little help for a steady supply. Here are some straight from the book.

1. CLA

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a well-received acid due to its ability to fight off heart attacks, diabetes, depression, muscle loss, cancer, and fat storage. This substance acts to prevent the fats cells from getting bigger and storing more fats from food. It transfers the fat to the muscle cells for faster burns and less weight gain. CLA activates different enzymes in the body to initiate the mobilization of the fats.

If you’re practicing the Fat Decimator program, you can actually double your fat losses by taking up to 8 grams of CLA supplements. This is during the weight loss process. After you lost the unnecessary fats, you can also use CLA to keep the weight from coming back.

2. Whey protein

As you know, protein is a building block of muscle mass. But the important part is you ingest a complete protein that bears all the amino acids your body need. This includes the eight amino acids that the human body can’t produce. You can get it from meat, poultry, eggs, and cheese.

The problem on this is that you’ll also ingest excess calories. This is why you can alternate whey protein for your dose of amino acids. A low-carb, flavored one is the best food supplement that helps you lose weight. Make sure that it only has a maximum of two grams per scoop. You can take one scoop or more depending on your weight.

3. Fish oil

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6 that are necessary for preventing inflammation. Swelling in your body can sabotage a weight loss plan as you’ll be held back from doing exercise or sticking to a diet. These fatty acids are also known to fight obesity, depression, heart disease, and type II diabetes.

food supplement that helps you lose weight

If you have high muscle mass and low inflammation incidents, you can expect a faster way to weight loss. The body can’t make fatty acids by itself so it’s important that you include it in your diet. It can help your metabolism engine running.

Fish oil pills are the most convenient source of this substance. Taking about five pills a day is said to make a big effect on your fat loss.

4. Daily Energy Whole Food Dietary Supplement

Of all the supplements suggested in the FD book, the Daily Energy Whole Food Dietary Supplement was highlighted. This food supplement that helps you lose weight is packed with minerals and nutrients that flush free radicals out of the body. It also has antioxidants and electrolytes that are crucial when you’re on a low-carb diet.

This one-a-day solution has compounds that help neutralize dietary acids, thus helping out those with metabolic acidosis. Aside from that, this formula has healthy bacteria that don’t just clean the gut but detoxifies the whole body as preparation for your weight loss plan.

You can get the Daily Energy supplement in powder form and you can simply add it to your meals or smoothies. It’s a good cellular support too if you don’t have issues with your metabolism.

5. A stack of Ephedrine, coffee, and Yohimbe

Before any other supplements ruled the weight loss industry, Ephedra was the one to draw a lot of weight loss buffs’ attention. It’s an effective thermogenic and stimulant to increase fat burns. However, it was lethally abused that led to its total ban in 2006. More and more manufacturers tried to come up with a potent fat burner same as Ephedra but failed in the process.

The big secret is this. Kyle had included an effective stack of supplements on his FD book. You can utilize a combination of caffeine (200 mg), Ephedrine (25 mg), and Yohimbe HCL (5 mg) to have a topnotch food supplement that helps you lose weight. Kyle recommends that you take these 30 minutes before a meal twice a day. For more guidance, refer to the book.

food supplement that helps you lose weight

6. EPA/DHA supplements

Studies have found that EPA and DHA have anabolic abilities that help in the synthesis of muscle protein. This results in a higher muscle mass. These are also found in Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to reduce inflammation. EPA and DHA have been one of the top nutrient supplements for weightlifters as it lessens soreness of the muscles.

Aside from that, EPA and DHA also promote heart health, boost the immune system, strengthen the joints and brain, and even improve vision. These two substances will also improve the blood flow in the muscles for better flexibility during exercise. Surprisingly, EPA and DHA can fight off too much insulin that causes quick fat storage.

7. Leucine supplements

Leucine is an amino acid that’s significant in the overall health of your muscles. It’s a BCAA or branched chain amino acid that kick-starts the muscle building process of the human body. An American research found out that those who took Leucine supplements have higher weight loss and leaner muscle mass.

Whey protein is one source of this nutrient but some individuals don’t like adding the powder to their meals. As an alternative, you can look for Leucine pills.

With the help from the Fat Decimator, you can now choose a food supplement that helps you lose weight. Make sure that you’re fit for such choice to reap the full benefits. Anyway, never trade a healthy diet for supplements alone.