8 Flat Belly Tricks That Will Do Wonders On Your Flab

One of the common dilemmas during weight loss is having the dreaded “beer belly”. Unlike any other parts of the body, visceral fats are quite challenging to reduce. It hinders mobility and it gives the body a heavy feeling. The worst part is it boils down to the food you eat and your habit of eating. But fret not. Here, I’ll give some flat belly tricks that will yield drastic results if you follow it religiously.

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The tips mentioned here aren’t magic pills. You still have to do the work for your belly to be permanently tucked.

1. Eat small but many times

Having a bulging belly doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. Eat four to five small meals in different hours of the day. This suppresses cravings and the tendency to overeat during meals. Instead of skipping one big meal during the day, it’s better to cut some calories and scatter the eating schedule.

Still, it’s not just about eating. You have to make sure that what you chew are satiating but with fewer calories. You shouldn’t sacrifice nutrient content either. It may seem a little hard to practice but it’s just a matter of getting used to the habit.

2. Do sit-ups

One way to hasten the fat loss is to stretch your belly and upper body. Do sit-ups every day and pair it with other cardio routines. This will burn calories fast especially if you’re living a sedentary life. Sit-ups also help curve the abdominal area where the “six-pack” is hidden. It also tones the muscles and makes it flexible for further exercise.

Although sit-ups will not single-handedly cut your belly flab, it will be a good start. Incorporating more flat belly tricks over time will increase your fat-burning abilities.

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3. Try the Lean Belly Prescription Menu

Travis Stork’s Lean Belly Prescription Menu is a big trend when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. It’s not an actual diet but a list of “food prescription” as alternatives to unhealthy food items. As a doctor, Travis compiled these foods that target to remove 15 pounds of risky fats in just four weeks. An abdominal fat, as we know, is one of the dangerous fats as it can lead to heart problems and organ failure if not addressed.

The Lean Belly Menu will only require you to change three things out of the 12 in the list. After mastering the first picks, you can move on until you finish the whole prescription.

4. Enroll at the Fat Decimator program

Another option that you have if you want a stricter system is the Fat Decimator program. This is Kyle Cooper’s brainchild out of his years of experience in the military. He was able to come up with a unique diet plan that will target to suppress metabolic acidosis that prevents that body from shedding stored fats.

By purchasing his book, you can access his list of energy foods, exercise drills, as well as more bonus e-books of flat belly tricks. For Kyle, it’s not just about losing weight; it’s also a matter of realizing why you keep on gaining unwanted fats. Such thing will result in permanent weight loss not just in the belly area but in the whole body.

5. Get to the core

Like what I said, doing sit-ups won’t be the sole answer to your belly problem. You have to get down to the core and strengthen it. This will be the most effective way of getting rid of your belly fats for good. If you want, you can enroll in a gym to have a holistic program that targets your visceral fats.

A strong core allows your body to move better during the day. It means better exercise and more fats burned in the process. It also improves your posture as an added benefit when you’re doing your routines.

The most important part? It builds and carves your muscles big time.

6. Switch to sea salt

So salt can help reduce belly bulge? Let’s look at the two sides of the coin. Too much salt is the culprit why you have a bloated tummy. Your big belly might not be harboring fats but water weight due to sodium’s ability to hold up water in the stomach.

But on the other hand, it could also be solid wastes due to poor digestion. This is where sea salt becomes a better choice. It has lower sodium levels and it helps in balancing the pH level of the gut. Such thing contributes to better digestion and absorption of food nutrients.

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7. Say no to sugary sips

Sugary drinks like soda, fruit juice, and booze increase your blood sugar level a giant notch. Lots of these liquid calories will settle in the gut and will be stored as fats. Carbonated beverages are also a no-no as it causes indigestion and bloating.

If you want a refreshing drink, stick to cold water or tea. These are low or have no calories at all and it will help you flush out toxins in the body.

Also, water helps increase the fat burning abilities of your system. It also fights constipation that may lead to bloating. One of the simplest flat belly tricks.

8. Chew it well

There are a lot of benefits of chewing your meals well. First, it will make you feel full faster without consuming too many calories. Such thing is a good method of cutting back on calories during weight loss. The next one is it helps your digestive system in breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients. It means that you have less chance of being bloated, thus a flatter tummy.

These flat belly tricks I gave you are just some of the methods you can maximize to your advantage. Feel free to explore more ways that will suit your choice. What’s important is you pick a healthy method that won’t jeopardize your safety. Do you know more of these? Share it with us in the comment section!