Understanding The Core Foundations Of The Fat Decimator Book

The Fat Decimator system is a well-rounded weight loss program. It is packed with information as well as specific tips that will benefit your body. The FD is founded on many scientific bases and it’s important that you understand the core before practicing it. It will translate into the better execution of the routines and the diet plans included in the book.

This post will help you get some ideas how the whole program will flow. But if you want more, you can go straight to our sneak peek of the sections right before the end. Buying the book is also a good move to have the information firsthand.

Fat storage process

One aspect that the FD focused on is how the body stores fats. It starts from the food you take to the digestion and up to the moment the substances are on your bloodstream. The process includes the technicality of the fat cells and how it reacts to different hormones, stress levels, and conditions. Having the bird’s eye view of how the fats are retained in the body helps a person figure out his diet or the entire program, so to speak.

Insulin vs. catecholamines

Another discovery that Kyle had on his way to creating the Fat Decimator system is the importance of catecholamines. These compounds are responsible for the release of fats from the fat cells. This will result in the fats sticking to muscle cells that will be burned later on.

The enemy is excessive insulin. Too much of this protein can increase the fat storage rate of the body. It will store blood sugar instead of giving the body a chance to get rid of it. Kyle discussed the program as to how a person can balance these two substances in the body.

fat decimator system

Metabolic problems

The most important section of the Fat Decimator book is the discussion of metabolic issues. Kyle noticed that his comrades aren’t losing weight no matter how they exercise. He then realized, with the help of Sam Pak, that metabolic acidosis is the culprit. It is when the body gets into survival mode due to excess acid in the body. It keeps storing fats to the point that the individual will find it hard to shed weight. That can happen even while dieting and exercising.

Fat mobilization

Another thing that Kyle discussed on the first parts of his book is the effect triglycerides incur to the body. Unused fatty acids will usually go back to the fat cells, and the worst part is they meet triglycerides, a glycerol molecule. This is larger than a fatty acid that they find it hard to get free from the fat cells. On the Fat Decimator system, Kyle targets to break down these triglycerides and have more fat mobilized into the bloodstream for more weight loss.

Nutrient absorption

It has been clear from the very start that the Fat Decimator is successful in discussing medical terms in simple words. This includes the process of nutrient absorption and how it works for your body. Practitioners of this program will have a better view of their food intake by understanding this part. As an example, Kyle descanted on nutrients like CLA, Leucine, and amino acids and how it relates to weight loss.

Food options

Of all the foundations of the FD, the food selection is one that was given a lot of attention. Kyle took time to provide energy food choices as well as break down of the food pyramid to tell you its possible flaw. The good thing is you won’t have to stop eating. There would be rules but it will be less straining than other programs. Kyle makes sure that every food item is explained well so users can incorporate it into their diet.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of The Fat Decimator System

The Fat Decimator is one of the most popular weight loss programs at this point. If you want to have a quick tour inside, here’s our simple verbal treat.

fat decimator system

Diet Section

On this section, you’ll find everything you need to know about revamping your current eating habits. It includes detox regimens to help cleanse your body and boost your metabolism. There are also energy foods that will continue the metabolic kick you enjoy from detoxifying. Overall, the diet section discusses the foods you should eat, what you should avoid, and how you can incorporate natural herbs and spices to your meals. Kyle also debunked eating myths in this section.

Exercise Module

If there’s one word to describe the exercise module of Fat Decimator, it would be realistic. It takes a practical approach of pairing a calorie-conscious diet with efficient exercise routines. The drills here aren’t hard to do and you can expect that it will boost your fat burns. The target is to speed up weight loss in a healthy and efficient way.


Failing on your past diet plans is a massive blow to your self-esteem. Kyle brings weight loss to another height with motivational tips. He recognizes that the process isn’t easy and gives tips that he and his team used to keep going with their routine. The Fat Decimator book isn’t just a champion in dieting and exercising; it’s also the inspiration bible of weight loss.

Complementary e-books

After you’re done with the weight loss program, you can enjoy four more bonus e-books as follows:

-The 3-Minute Belly Shrinker

-Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants

-100 Great-Tasting Smoothies Recipes

-The Fastest Weight Loss Action Plan

There are more bonus books that you can access once you avail the VIP offer of the FD program.

The Fat Decimator system could be the answer you’re waiting for. This will surely help you lose weight through natural methods that won’t starve you off and beat your body with too much exercise. It’s the right balance of a healthy lifestyle. The good news? It’s all available right at your fingertips.