Many users stated that the Fat Decimator helped them lose excess weight while others believe it has done nothing to reduce their flab. It’s a normal thing for every program to have varying results as one human body is different from the other. So read complete fat decimator review here, we have explained what exactly it does, who this program is for and most importantly the diet suggested for maintaining the weight .

Fat Decimator System Review

This is why I came up with this post. I’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the entire system to help you decide if the Fat Decimator is for you or not.


More about the Fat Decimator guy  Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper is a soldier but not a typical one. He’s a gunnery sergeant where he encountered different survival challenges. Aside from this, he’s also tasked to keep the National Guardsmen in shape. These soldiers rarely enter the battlefield but they are expected to be ready anytime they are summoned for service.

Fat Decimator Review

There seems to be no problem until Kyle’s unit suffered grave losses after a bomb exploded and some Guardsmen failed to survive. It struck Kyle that if they were in a better shape, they could have survived and the tragedy could have been prevented. This is where he started formulating a program that worked for his comrades in the 30-40 age brackets.

How was it formulated?

Kyle started his complete fat decimator system with a new set of Guardsmen with the same age. All of them are family men and have considerably excess weight. Kyle’s goal that time is to achieve physical fitness almost similar to a 20-year old individual. But instead of following the conventional combination of cardio and cut back on carbs, Kyle tested a different method. This is where his Fat Decimator is conceived.

fat decimator reviews

Although it’s yielding results, Kyle still found it odd that some of his men are not losing weight despite their efforts. It seems a move of fate that Kyle met a medical student in Afghanistan named Sam Pak. Sam exposed Kyle to the scientific side of weight loss. Kyle then realized that the culprit to the inability to lose weight is metabolic acidosis.

Metabolic acidosis is the kidney’s failure to flush out excess acid in the system. The body then speeds up fat storage to defend the system against the rising acid level.

With that, Sam and Kyle came up with a diet plan that will reduce such condition without ditching carbs or taking a close calorie count.

What’s in the program?

According to users, the complete Fat Decimator system is divided into 80% diet change and 20% exercise. You can get it in physical or PDF copies of about 130 pages. It’s a detailed compilation of information as to how the body is gaining weight and how it can be arrested. The first chapters include speeding up the metabolism, getting rid of fats, switching to energy foods, and cutting some unhealthy calories.

The best part of the Fat Decimator is the VIP section where you can have a personal training with Kyle himself. It’s a different purchase from the book itself as you’ll get a VIP card that will be your key to the membership website. Inside, you can mingle with fellow members who are in the journey of weight loss.

Fat Decimator System Review

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The Fat Decimator also comes with “bonus programs” that you can utilize once you’re past the weight loss department. It may or may not include the following:

Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants Report

This bonus part consists of foods that are said to increase libido and improve one’s sex drive.

How To Reverse Arthritis Naturally

For old folks, this bonus e-book discusses how to reduce inflammation using natural remedies. It can be delicious meals or smoothies.

100-Great Tasting Smoothies Recipes For Fat Loss

During your weight loss process, you can make use of these recipes that won’t hurt your diet but still give you a refreshing sip.

3-Minute Belly Shrinker Series

This video series has exercise routines that are easy to do and stick to.

The Pros and Cons

Like any other weight loss program, the complete Fat Decimator system has its pros and cons. Results vary from person to person and the change could be a little daunting for some.


-You get to switch to healthier food items without starving yourself

– Results will show within three to six weeks if you follow the program

-You develop habits instead of just following a set of strict rules to lose weight.

-There’s one-on-one coaching.


-You got to do a lot of reading

-Say goodbye to sweets (most weight loss programs would ask you to do this)

-You have to change your lifestyle drastically.

Is this for me?

As we age, losing weight becomes harder and harder. If you’re on your late 30s or 40s, the Fat Decimator would likely work for you. You no longer have the luxury of time to try dysfunctional programs that don’t work in your age bracket.

If you’re willing to change your lifestyle, then go ahead and enroll in the Fat Decimator program. It will also become easier if you love reading as the book is quite hefty. If you’re already fit and looking for a regimen to maintain your healthy streak, you can also benefit from the said program.

Knowing the complete Fat Decimator system is a good way to decide if it will work for you. Kyle designed it to make soldiers slimmer but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to perform hundreds of push-ups or any extreme drills. It’s an easy-to-follow system that those in their 30s or 40s won’t even find taxing. What do you think?

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