7 Weight Loss Programs That Will Help You Lose Excess Pounds

If you have tried multiple weight loss programs and failed, you’re probably trying those that have empty promises. I know that finding the best slimming program isn’t easy. It entails a lot of research and analysis whether or not it will work for you. The fact that the weight loss sphere is flooded with crazy fads made it even harder. You just can’t take another failed weight loss regimen.

One thing that you should know is that as you grow old, the hit-and-miss phase of finding a program that works for you become dangerous. You don’t just lose precious time; you also batter your body with drastic changes. And for an old soul, this isn’t really healthy.

While you’re on your 30s or 40s, make sure that you found the right slimming program that works for you. Losing weight gets harder from there. This is the reason why you have to meet “the one” before you’re too caught up with your weak body.

Here, I listed some of the possible program options that will suit you well:


I’ve known a lot of people, both young and old, who took the challenge of going full vegan. It’s a total purge of any meat and dairy products. What you’ll eat are vegetables and fruits as well as plant-based milk as an alternative to your diet. That alone will burn you a great deal of weight.

The downside to being a vegetarian is you cut major sources of nutrients on your diet. Human bodies need protein from both plants and meat. Another thing is you have to give strict focus on your nutritional intake that will include taking supplements to compensate for the lack of necessary nutrients. Overall, this can be effective but it will be a pain to stick to as the best slimming program.

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet may sound “Paleolithic” but it’s exactly what it is. It promotes the consumption of organic, unprocessed food on a diet. The Paleo diet mimics how hunters gather their food, cook it, and eat it. Advocates of this weight loss regimen state that hunters are neither obese nor prone to sickness due to their diet. The Paleo practice can actually lead to healthy weight loss when followed properly.

The problem about his program, although it’s healthy, is it tends to be expensive. You also have to cut back on grains and dairy which is a necessary source of energy. Even vegans will find it hard to adjust on this diet as it bans the consumption of beans.

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Weight Watchers Diet

One of the rising trends is the Weight Watchers Diet. It’s been rooted to 40 years of weight loss practice. It includes keeping a close eye on the food that you eat, changing bad eating habits, and join weekly online meetings. Sometimes, the meetings can be in person. The good thing about this program is it’s not extreme. It focuses on balancing the diet and putting you guilty foods in moderation.

The only risk that Weight Watchers pose is that you might overeat some foods. Since it doesn’t force you to cut some junk foods, you might have the tendency to eat more and think that you’re tracking it. Weight Watchers also lack the structure to qualify as the best slimming program.

Ketogenic Diet

There’s one rule on the ketogenic diet: it has to be very low-carb. This is to stimulate the release of ketones from the liver that will be maximized as the source of energy. With that, you no longer have to eat carb-rich foods just to be functional. It also regulates the supply of insulin responsible for fat storage. It’s safe to say that the keto diet is a bit of an extreme program.

What’s alarming is that the process of this diet forces your body to undergo metabolic stage. It’s a delicate condition and some experience the “keto fever” due to lack of carbs in the body.

Lean Belly Prescription Menu

If you want a more lenient program, you can explore the Lean Belly Prescription Menu. It’s not an actual weight loss program. The menu is more of a suggestion list of what foods you should eat. You can use these as alternatives to your current diet. You only have to change three eating habits at a time before moving on to another set on the list.

But like the Weight Watchers, it doesn’t have a structure to be the best slimming program. Quite understandable as it’s designed to be a suggestive book. It also doesn’t have a list of exercise you can perform. It promises to rid you of 15 pounds in a month but your metabolism, age, genes, and current weight would play important factors.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet

As the product of the popular Mayo Clinic, this diet promises to cut your weight in about 6 to 10 pounds in a week. It has recipes, interactive tools, and fitness plans backed by medical basis. Overall, this can be a good choice for you if you want a highly structured program.

Fat Decimator

In case you want something that’s easy to follow in a my-grandma-can-do-it level, you might love the Fat Decimator. It’s a program formulated by Kyle Cooper, a military man. It’s packed with practical tips on dieting and exercising to help you lose weight naturally without the horrendous loads of workout.

The best part here is that Kyle reveals the reasons why you’re not losing weight no matter how hard you try. Even if you’re not trying to lose excess pounds, the program is a good way to maintain your healthy lifestyle. The only downside here is you need to do a lot of reading as the book consists of 130 pages.

The best slimming program depends on your choice of structure and guidelines. All the listed regimens work in reducing body weight. But if you want the safest option, I would recommend that you explore the Fat Decimator program. It’s a no-nonsense book that you won’t regret buying.