Fat Decimator: Best Diet Techniques To Maximize Fat Loss

A healthy diet is the number one key to lose pounds. This is exactly what Kyle Cooper has in mind when he asked the help of Sam Pak, A Korean medical student. Pak helped Cooper come up with the scientific basis as to how weight loss works inside the body. With that, the two was able to come up with the best diet for fat loss plan for what will later be part of the Fat Decimator book.

For Kyle, it’s not just about cutting back on calories. You should eat healthy too and avoid some food items that will sabotage the weight loss process. Here are some of his golden points in the book:

fat decimator diet

Salt is the answer

For the most part of weight loss, salt is the biggest bane. It promotes the storage of excess water weight and makes fat loss difficult. But this is what Sam Pak defied. It turns out that salt is necessary for balancing the PH level of the stomach to make food breakdown more efficient. This means that more nutrients are utilized in the body and absorbed in the lower digestive tract.

But it’s not just about adding salt to your diet. Kyle had explained more about this in his book that you can purchase.

best diet for fat loss

Preventing metabolic acidosis

One of the main reasons why some people find it hard to lose weight is metabolic acidosis. This is when the body secretes too much acid due to the kidney’s failure to flush it out of the system.  Such condition results in the storage of fats as a defense against the rising amount of acids in the body. Kyle discovered that a person with this condition will find it impossible to lose weight no matter how that individual tries.

The good news is that preventing metabolic acidosis is Kyle and Sam’s core target in the book as part of their best diet for fat loss.

No miracle pills

If you’re planning to enroll in the Fat Decimator program, you should know that you have to ditch your weight loss pills and supplements. The target of the program is to allow you to lose weight naturally by shifting your lifestyle into a healthier one.  Fat Decimator targets to improve the relationship of your body to the food you eat. Such thing might be impossible if you keep on taking supplements that are not included in the book’s regimen.

Eating slowly

Eating slowly had been proven to induce the feeling of satiation without taking too much food. It suppresses overeating while it also targets to prepare the chewed food for faster digestion.

The human brain releases satiation signals about 20 minutes after you start eating. If you eat slowly and extends the eating time to 30 minutes, you’ll feel full but with less calorie intake. Focusing on the food you’re eating will also help arrest the risk of gaining more pounds in the process.

Getting the right carbs

Carbs aren’t always bad for the body. You need it for energy so Kyle recommends in the Fat Decimator book that you look for a healthy source of carbs. This is the major difference to most diet plans where you totally have to go cold turkey on carbohydrates. Such thing will result in lethargy and extreme hunger. On the Fat Decimator program, Kyle made sure that you can still eat your carbs but without putting unnecessary calories on your system. Indeed, the best diet for fat loss.

Staying hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated with water is the best way to prevent overeating. Thirst signals can sometimes be mistaken as hunger signals. Also, if you keep drinking lots of water, you’re helping your body flush out toxins and digest food. At least six glasses of water a day is enough to balance your system as well as improve your fat burns.

On the other hand, you’ll need to have lots of fluids on your body when you’re exercising to prevent dehydration.

Switching to energy foods

Another focus of Kyle Cooper’s Fat Decimator book is knowing the right food items to eat. On his book, he provided a hefty list of energy foods that will keep you satiated with a low-calorie intake. It’s like purging your plate with unhealthy foods and replacing it with better ones. When you get the book, you’ll be provided with specific items to avoid and to choose.

best diet for fat loss

Avoiding some veggies and fruits

Like what I mentioned earlier, there are some items that you should avoid when practicing the best diet for fat loss of the Fat Decimator program. This includes some of the healthy vegetables and fruits that are packed with calories. You should cross out on your grocery list the likes of potato and food items with white flour. Those two are high in starch and although a potential source of carbs, it will make you feel satiated for only a short time. After an hour of eating the mentioned food items, you’ll have the urge to eat more, thus, added calories.

Having the right snack

In the Fat Decimator, you’ll still enjoy snack times. Kyle provided recipes of snacks that you can add on your diet. These small meals will help you maintain the feeling of fullness without consuming too many calories. It can also include some herbs that are proven to aid weight loss and combat free radicals in the body.

Sipping healthy smoothies

Smoothies are common in weight loss programs. It’s a good way to detoxify the body while ingesting nutrients. Kyle also has these recipes in the Fat Decimator book that will neutralize the toxins that your body accumulates every day. There are also bonus parts too like the Thirty-Minute Belly Shrinker Video and the Most Powerful Sex Foods.

There’s no doubt that the Fat Decimator offers the best diet for fat loss without having to endure hunger. You can still enjoy your regular meal schedules but with healthier food options and better a manner of eating. If paired with exercise, you’ll surely achieve a slimmer body in just a few weeks.