Belly Fat Diet Foods We Can Maximize Straight From The Fat Decimator Book

Much has been said about the Fat Decimator when it comes to revamping old eating habits. It’s successful for the most part. FD was able to utilize common food items to becoming powerhouse sources of energy and aiding weight loss. And since the weight loss program is 80% about the right diet, we’ll give you a sneak peek of belly fat diet foods that Kyle shared on his book.

fat decimator diet

These are just some of the food examples he mentioned that’s guaranteed to help achieve a flatter tummy. Check each one out and see what you can add to your plate right now.


Kyle had just debunked the biggest myth in the weight loss world. Salt isn’t always a bad thing if you keep it in moderation. It actually helps balance the pH level of your stomach. This will result in more efficient food digestion as well as absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. Sprinkling a pinch of salt on your bland meals won’t really hurt your diet. It will serve you a purpose in the long run.

Healthy Carbs

On his book, Kyle discussed that carbs should be reduced in a way that it won’t starve you off. Carbohydrates are divided into two kinds: the simple carbs and the complex carbs. Simple carbs are sugar that we eat from desserts like cookies, cakes, and candies. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are those we got from starchy foods like potato and unripe banana.

Whatever we eat from these two will result in a spike of blood sugar that can be stored as fats. The key? Keep these belly fat diet foods in a minimum.

belly fat diet foods

Water, water, water

It’s been said enough that water is an important part of weight loss. Kyle suggests that you gulp about 8 to 10 glasses a day to keep your metabolism churning. This will also prevent dehydration when you’re performing exercise routines. This might be a big amount but when you get used to it, your body will get even thirstier.

One thing you should stop doing is avoiding water because you’re afraid of gaining water weight. If you cut on carbs, you can stop water weight from coming back.


Fiber is a type of carb. That’s quite a revelation but the good news is that fiber isn’t a dangerous carb. It’s not digested in the body and instead acts as a vehicle to flush out solid wastes in the digestive system. Fiber won’t increase your sugar level.

You should take fiber from vegetables and green salads. Don’t get stuck on the 30-gram recommendation as you can always fight constipation by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

Complete Protein

Kyle emphasized that protein is also an important addition to your belly fat diet foods as it maintains the health of the cells and organs. You can survive without a single gram of carb but not without protein. If you have a low supply of protein, your body will start degenerating and your organs and muscles will weaken. Extreme lack of protein for a long period of time will lead to death.

But don’t devour protein shakes just yet. Kyle recommends that you get not just “protein” per se but “complete protein”. These are protein sources that give the 8 out of 20 amino acids that the body can’t self-produce. You can find it on eggs, fishes, poultry, meat, and cheese.

belly fat diet foods

Tea and caffeine

Another technique that Kyle uses to enhance the fat-burning abilities of the body is increasing the catecholamines supply. This compound attaches to the fat cells in order to release the fat as energy. It balances too much insulin that causes fat storage. So how can you increase yours?

Drinks like tea and other caffeinated liquids can help increase catecholamines. Eating bananas, citrus fruits, chocolate, and vanilla will also help release these feel-good compounds. Just beware of unnecessary carbs!

Whey Protein

While you can always get your dose of belly fat diet foods from vegetables, Kyle also considers having a serving of whey protein. Just make sure that you have a low-carb choice with no more than two grams per scoop. This will maintain your weight loss in a safe range.

You can allow yourself more than one scoop if you have hefty pounds to lose. Kyle suggests that if this is the case, go for a serving of two scoops with a maximum of four grams of carbs.

Consuming whey protein is good if you want to walk instead of spending your time cooking.

belly fat diet foods

Green Smoothie

On the Fat Decimator program, you can have access to the 100 smoothie recipes that Kyle had figured out himself. It includes green smoothies that will keep you satiated without risking optimal weight loss. However, you would need to purchase the book to access the recipes. It’s a bonus part of your $37 investment. Something you wouldn’t regret spending.

Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids or EFAs as how Kyle refers to it are significant to weight loss. The likes of Omega-3 and Omega-6 help control inflammations. It also promotes heart health while fighting diabetes, depression, and more conditions. So does it have something to do with your diet?

These fatty acids maintain your muscles’ health by reducing the risk of inflammation. This translates to better exercise and decreased triglycerides. This compound sticks to your cells and when it floods your bloodstream, you stand the chance of having a bout of stroke.

Two grams of these fatty acids would do you a big favor. You can get this from eating fish or taking about 10 teaspoons of fish oil each day. It may sound like a lot, but it’s necessary for your body’ fat loss.

These belly fat diet foods are awesome in giving you a slimmer body. Pair it with exercise and the right serving to achieve results at the soonest possible time. What do you think of these foods? Let us know below and we’ll discuss it with you!