12 Belly Fat Burning Tips You’ll Learn From Fat Decimator

The Fat Decimator is taking the fitness world by storm. It promises to define the usual weight loss regimens that are either too good to be true or difficult to follow. True enough, Kyle Cooper, the creator of the book, provided enough belly fat burning tips to entice followers. And this isn’t just your typical fitness cult. Fat Decimator is backed with science and years of tests that will target the reduction of fats in just a few weeks.

This program won’t force a practitioner to starve. This is a good thing considering that a lot of weight loss plan nowadays are plagued with calorie counting. Some fitness enthusiasts start to forget that healthy eating should be factored in.

fat decimator exercise tricks

Here, I’ll give you some points that the Fat Decimator discusses in detail on its book. Make the most out of it to get rid of your belly flab. But if you want more details, you can always purchase a copy of the program.

1. Accept that you’re gaining weight

One of the first goals of the Fat Decimator book is to make you realize why you keep gaining weight or why you can’t get rid of your abdominal bulk. This makes the process easier as the individual is exposed to the fact that affects his weight. Like what’s said many times before, Fat Decimator is a holistic approach to weight loss.

2. Eat slowly

Distracted eating means more calories consumed. Focusing on what you eat and how you eat is one of the helpful belly fat burning tips. Past studies had found that chewing your food more will help you feel full without eating lots of calories. Also, it helps the digestive system in breaking down the food and extracting the nutrients for the body to maximize.

belly fat burning tips

3. Exercise four times a week

Contrary to most beliefs, you don’t have to exercise every single day just to achieve cumulative weight loss results. The Fat Decimator consists of 20% exercise and 80% diet since the food you ingest is the cause of the pounds you’re gaining. Three to four days a week for about an hour or two is enough to keep your metabolism kicking.

4. Do some sit-ups

If your target is to burn belly fats, it’s advisable that you perform one of the drills in Fat Decimator: sit-ups. This exercise targets the abdomen and upper body. You can also try the lateral turns paired with resistance bands to increase calorie burns. Doing this for about three days a week can make your tummy look tighter in just a few weeks.

5. It’s about being healthy

Forget about extremely cutting calories or beating yourself up on exercise. The Fat Decimator isn’t just about making you thin at any cost. It prioritizes the health of the practitioner so even those with already slim bodies can use it as a daily regimen. The program will help you switch to a healthier lifestyle with better food options and exercise.

6. You can take it easy

The Fat Decimator isn’t an extreme program. It doesn’t pose very strict rules when it comes to dieting and exercise. But if you want to achieve the 21-day results, it’s best to stick to the belly fat burning tips. Those are easy to follow and not as physically taxing as other weight loss plans. You can take it easy but never forget to follow some rules from time to time.

belly fat burning tips

7. Carbs aren’t that bad

Kyle Cooper has emphasized on the book that carbs aren’t always the enemy. You actually need it for energy and satiation. What you have to do is to choose the right carbs. Forget about potatoes and white flour as those are rich in starch that makes you feel full for a short period of time. Look for alternatives. On the Fat Decimator book, you can find lots of it.

8. Boost your metabolism

Metabolic acidosis could be the culprit why you’re not losing weight no matter how you cut back on calories or kill yourself on exercise. It hastens fat storage as the body’s defense to the acid level on your system. Kyle and Sam targeted to solve this problem which he elaborated on the book. Fat Decimator seeks to pump up your metabolism for exponential fat loss.

9. Change your lifestyle

One downside to the Fat Decimator is you would have to commit to change your lifestyle. The same thing that most belly fat burning tips would require. You have to quit your old eating habits and start minding what you put on your plate. This is just a small sacrifice if you really want to get rid of the excess weight for good.

10. Motivation is also important

Kyle Cooper knows how to perk up his ‘soldiers’. On the Fat Decimator book, he included some motivational words that will help you continue with the program. Like a soldier facing a battle, you have to find the reason to keep going.

belly fat burning tips

11. Don’t ditch salt

If there’s one thing you can stop being guilty about, it’s sprinkling salt to your food. According to Sam Pak, it helps balance the pH level of the stomach. This will result in better food digestion and absorption of nutrients. Just maintain it in a safe level and you’ll do well.

12. Stop overdoing cardio

Cardio is an effective fat burner but never try overdoing it for the sake of faster weight loss. Your body has to recover from days of exercising. About three days of cardio would be enough to maintain your healthy streak and fat burns. If you want, you can purchase the Fat Decimator book to access the list of exercise routines.

These belly fat burning tips are just some that you can enjoy when you commit yourself to the Fat Decimator program. It’s advisable that you get the book and read it by yourself to utilize the benefits it comes with. What do you think? Share your opinion with us!